Insights Installation Guide


Installation Steps 

Before you start, please ensure:

  • you have administrator privileges to the server where the Console or REST database is installed, and
  • the server selected for installation has local access to the Console or REST database - not accessed via network drive or shared folder.


Download the Insights Exporter



The setup wizard will first scan your computer for Insights Export Service and Console or REST instances. If it detects an existing Insights Export Service it will abort the installation.

After logging in to Apmasphere you will be prompted to select which Console or REST databases you want to export. If you don’t want to export a database make sure the Export check box is empty. Here you can also choose if you want to perform a backup of the database before starting the Halo Export Service (optional). Each database can be assigned to upload to a single Agency you are the Administrator of. If you've purchased Insights, there you can switch between the data in these agencies.

When the Finish button becomes active it is complete. The results of the set-up are listed on the page. If it says insert correct text here then it has completed successfully and will now update your data. If it has not completed successfully, note the content of the results and contact  Apmasphere Support so we can help fix any problems.


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