How can I post a job? What are the Rules and Regulations that relate?

If you are a job recruiter or are a Principal/Business Owner and want to advertise for a job, you are more than welcome to advertise on our Community Site, however there are a few Rules and Regulations you must abide by.

These are:

  • The designated place for job advertising is within our Forums, under the sub section 'Jobs Board' - please ensure that jobs are posted here and here only.
  • Please limit posting jobs from your organisation, to one or two (maximum) a day - keep in mind that every time you post a job all of our Community Members are able to see it within the 'Right Now' feed on the right hand column. Posting any more than two jobs per day will mean that our members are unable to see any other interesting forums that may be occurring.
  • Please do not post the same job more than once.
  • Please refrain from posting jobs within the News Centre (unless it is a genuine article offering advice to our members in the way of jobs and recruitment).
  • Also refrain from over advertising your company on our Community Site. We do understand you will need to leave your contact details for prospective applicants, which is completely fine.
Please take note of the above if you are planning to post a job on our Jobs Board Forum. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please feel free to submit a support ticket.
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