Creating a Q&A

Creating a new Q&A is easy, but before you do, you might like to check to see if someone has already started one on the same topic.

You can do this by typing into the search bar at the top of the page, or by clicking on the ‘Q&A’ title on the left-hand side.

To create a Q&A:

  1. Click ‘+’ button beside ‘Q&A’

  2. Name your Q&A e.g. ‘How do I get a tenant listed on TICA’
  3. Write a short description of your question under ‘Pose a question’ 
  4. Click ‘Group to share with’ and select from the drop down list
  5. Hit create and your question will be posted in the Q&A section

Once you have created a Q&A and people have replied, a number will appear next to the name of your Q&A on the left-hand side. 

You can select the best answer to your Q&A by clicking on the next to the respondent’s name and clicking on 'flag as best answer'.


Note: Only the creator of the Q&A can delete, select the best response or edit the Q&A.
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