Emoji and Emoticons 😊

Here’s an Emoticon  : )

Here’s an Emoji 😊

You can use both in Halo to really get your message across - whether you’re having a🎉 day or a 💩 one.

Adding emoji to your Apmasphere messages

There are two ways you can add emoji in your messages:

  • Click on the smiley face in the message box to open the emoji menu. Scroll through the icons to find what you are looking for and select it.
  • Type the emoji code. Apmasphere uses the standard emoji codes found at the Emoji Cheat Sheet; you can quickly add emoji to your messages by typing in the code.



If you’re not sure of the emoji code, just type in : followed by the first few letters, and an autocomplete menu will appear. Then just click the emoji you want to use.

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