Apmasphere Glossary


Communities can be offices, real estate networks or teams - any assortment of people who want to share information, communicate and collaborate together. Users can only communicate with people in their groups via direct message, streams or Q&A. Groups also determine who gets access to data from KPIs and the Directory.

Direct Message

A message sent to one person and one person only - no one else can see it. These are available under the ‘People’ section in Apmasphere.



That’s the name of the software tool built by the Apmasphere team to improve the industry. It’s embedded with over eight years of research, thought leadership and countless interactions with property managers. It is designed to enable and support cultural change and professional development.


Halobot is an eager, friendly and slightly nerdy helping hand around Apmasphere. Look out for messages, reminders and tips for getting the most out of Apmasphere.


This tool allows you to access and view all of the data from your organisation. There are a range of different metrics and ways of sorting your data. Not everyone in your organisation will have the same view of all of the data.


A living document that has the up-to-date processes and procedures for the Property Management industry. It was created by Apmasphere over a number of years and is being constantly improved.



This is what other people in your groups will be able to see. Keep it professional, add a nice photo and some words that represent you and feel proud of it!


These are the forums where you can pose questions or respond to them.


Conversations that happen between multiple people and are available to everyone in a group. 






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