Accessing the Procedures, Insights, Communities and Resources

You don’t want to miss this - although it tucks away so sneakily that you may!

Click on the left pointing arrow on the far right of the screen.



If this is your first time using this view, you will have a number of different buttons you can click to open different tabs. These can include:

and a variety of other options depending on how you're set up.

Want to switch to something else? 

You can open up another panel in a new tab by clicking on the plus icon below your current tab. From there, just click on the type of tab you would like to open from the list. Your previous screen will stay open, and you can switch back to it at any time by clicking on its icon. 


Want to close a tab? 

Keep your Apmasphere window clean by getting rid of any tabs you don't need. Simply mouse over an unwanted icon like this:


 and click on the 'X' symbol.

Style points: You can make your view expand to the whole width of the screen by clicking on the left facing arrow again.
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