How to use Procedures

You don’t want to miss this - although it tucks away so sneakily that you may!

Click on the left pointing arrow on the far right of the screen. 



Next, just scroll down and click on the Procedures icon. If you already have another tab open- for example, if you see Notes, people, projects or any other window open, you can open up a new Procedures tab by clicking on the plus icon below your current tab. From there, just select Procedures from the list. Your previous screen will stay open, and you can switch back to it at any time by clicking on its icon. 


Once you are in the Procedures, select the topic that you wish to investigate. When you click on the title more information will appear and you will find links for further information. Keep clicking the links to go further into your selected topic.

To go back, click on the headings at the top of the page that show all of the previous pages that you have visited.

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