What is a stream?

Streams are like ‘group chats’. Everyone who is in the community that the Stream was created in can view these messages. You can share photos, links or documents of any sort.

One of the functions that streams perform is replacing internal emails where multiple people are cc’d.

Streams let everyone stay on the same page and know what’s going on.

You can create as many streams as you like. Here are a few suggestions for your office team:

  • #Ideas Board
    • Some ideas for this stream: Post staff meeting suggestions, training events, bounce around ideas for your internal systems and procedures, make suggestions for updating templates and post ideas on new software or apps out in the market.
  • #New Managements
    • Some ideas for this stream: Keep each other updated on the current market and what your competitors are leasing. Share price adjustments, days on market, leasing targets and new business. With everyone collaborating in this stream you will see definite market trends that you can stay in touch with.
  • #Staff Whereabouts?
    • Some ideas for this stream: This is a great stream for knowing where everyone is. Who’s on holidays, sick today, cover buddies or just general movement out of the office. Your team will know where each other is and when they will be back.  This is a “Safety Tool” also for the office.
  • #Tradies
    • Some ideas for this stream: Suggest new tradies, give feedback on current tradies and raise any praise or concerns with them. Ask fellow colleagues who is best for what job. Roaming around the office asking everyone is a thing of the past.
  • #Random
    • Some ideas for this stream: Here’s the place for funny inspection stories, sharing a great new cafe you’ve found near the office, celebrating a team member’s birthday, announcing community events or just letting everyone know about the chocolate cake in the kitchen.
Note: You cannot create a new stream for the whole Halo Community
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