Joining a Community

Joining a community is easy - here's what to do:

Joining an 'Open Community'

Open Communities are available to the whole Apmasphere Community - so anyone can join.

Start by selecting 'Communities' from the right-hand side.

Then select 'Halo Communities' - this is a list of all of the Halo Communities that have been created.

You can use the search tab to search for the community or just browse the list.

Click on the name of the Community to see a profile of it, select 'Members' to see who else is in the Community, click on 'Streams' to see what streams are in the Community, or click on 'Q&A' to see what Q&As are in the Community.

Then you're in and you can start chatting with other members.

Joining a 'Mutual Consent' Community

These are Communities that are not open to everyone - such as your office community. Anyone can apply to join, but administrators will need to allow them.

Joining a 'Mutual Consent' Community is exactly the same as joining an open Community - only you don't have access straight away.

If you would like to see which Communities you have applied for - click on the Communities tab and select Requests.

You can also withdraw your request by clicking Revoke.

To leave a Community - just click on the 'Leave' button in the top right-hand corner - you will no longer have access to any of the content within that Community.

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