Requirements for Installing the Halo Export service



Have Administrative access to Windows on the PC or server that Console or REST is installed on

Modern versions of Windows require special permission to install new software.


What to do if the IT person has Administrator access to the server:

You have two options:

  • Your IT person can run the installer and you can use your login during the setup process. You should be present for this and never share your login details.

System Requirements

  • A supported version of Windows

           Windows 7 and above


  • A supported version of Windows server

           Windows Server 2008 R2 and above

  • .Net framework 4.5.2+

            Link to installer for latest version

  • A working internet connection
  • Console or REST
  • Current used hard drive storage of less than 30% of total storage

We only support versions of Windows that Microsoft supports. Older versions are both unsafe and do not support a full range of features. If you are running business critical software on an unsupported version of Windows you should to your IT person about upgrading.


An Internet connection

The Halo export service will be extracting data from your Console or REST database and it will send the extracted data to Insights.

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